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During the last 6 years I have worn many "hats" but mainly work as a Production Designer, Art Director and Set Decorator in television and for photo shoots.

I have worked on a variety of TV shows as well as a number of stills shoots for high-end brands. My work has spanned the ages, from modern day to the 1980's and Neolithic era, travelled the globe from downtown Chicago, to Essex, to Endor (the world of Star Wars) and created fictional lives for everyone from celebrity footballers, to double-glazing salesmen, to travellers living in a caravan park.


With a Masters in Architecture from Cambridge and a Foundation in Fine Art, my skill set has always been two-fold. On the one side I have an eye for design, set dressing, prop sourcing and technical drawing, whilst on the other I am extremely organised and can manage logistics like set and strike, team bookings and transport if required.


In my previous 7 year career I worked as an Account Director and Creative in the world of branding, where I developed and worked on campaigns, content and events for brands like the BBC, H&M, ASOS and Guinness, amongst many others.

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MA/Arch Cantab

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