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POLLY ASPINALL BRIDAL was born out of a summer of ‘bridesmaid-ing’ for some of my best friends.


Whilst planning the hen dos, making confetti and spending lots of time with some of my favourite people was great, shopping for and choosing bridesmaid dresses was a nightmare.

Not only was the selection of dresses available in the UK very narrow, it was also over-priced, frumpy and ill-fitting.

 After my 10th trying-on session I realised that something had to be done. There had to be a dress that fitted no matter what sizes you were on top and bottom, a dress that suited you as an individual, no matter your personal style and a dress that you actually stood a chance of wearing again...


The POLLY ASPINALL BRIDAL collection consists of tops and skirts that can be worn together to look like a dress – guaranteed to be worn again as separate pieces.

I designed the dresses and the logo, worked with a manufacturer and material supplier to make a sample collection, wrote a business model, art-directed the photoshoot and designed my own website. 

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