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World Class Drinks | Instagram content


Turning around World Class’s flagging performance on social media with a clear content strategy, beautiful imagery and a consistent look and feel.


World Class is a global competition to find the World’s Best Bartender, created to build awareness of Diageo’s portfolio of premium spirits. As such content on the brand’s social media channels was un-inspiring, trade-focussed and alienating for the average consumer.


In order to make this brand more consumer-facing I engineered an overhaul of all social media channels, with a focus on Instagram.  I created a clear strategy focussing on real-time events, real people, real drinks, real ingredients and real occasions.  I then planned and art directed a photo shoot to create over 80 original images, writing the accompanying content and planning the release of each content package over the next 6 months.


In just 4 months World Class’s following on Instagram increased five-fold, adding an extra 28K fans to the existing base. The audience continue to grow steadily from week to week.

Photo Credit: Jonny Simpson

World Class Drinks | Videos

Creating a suite of video content for Diageo’s premium spirits collection.


My team was briefed to create a series of videos showing consumers at home how to create aspirational cocktails using spirits from ‘The World Class Collection’.

I created the concepts for 3 video series – “Classic cocktails in 4 ingredients or less”, “Cocktails inspired by the movies” and “The perfect cocktail for... ” – writing the treatment for each, art directing the shoot and working with an external TV production team to ensure that my vision was translated into film.

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